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Duplicate Management With Flows

Updated: Oct 31


The nonprofit organization, Mountain Toppers, is excited to launch their new summer backpacking program - Walk to the Top. The program is designed to engage, educate, and empower foster youth through adventure, outdoor exploration, and outdoor education. There is a ton of buzz in the community about this new program, and interest from foster youth to apply has skyrocketed. To accommodate this, Mountain Toppers has decided to launch a new online application and would like to track and manage these program applications directly out of Salesforce.

Technical Requirements

  • Mountain Toppers would like a new Application record to get created in Salesforce whenever an online application is submitted.

  • Mountain Toppers would like to use the information from the Application to create a new Contact in Salesforce.

  • Before a Contact is created in Salesforce, Mountain Toppers would like to make sure that Contact doesn’t already exist in the database. If that Contact does already exist then Mountain Toppers would like the Application to be associated with that existing Contact.

What We Will Cover

  • Creating a custom Application object

  • Creating a matching rule and duplicate rule

  • Installing an Apex Action

  • Building our Process Automation with a Salesforce Flow

Technical Details

The Technical Details are organized in the proper order to follow for these configurations.

Step 1: Create the Application object

If you want more information on creating the Application object then check out our blog post here.

Field Creation

Field Name & Data Types (be sure to set your profile’s Field Level Security to “Visible”)

  • First Name

  • Data Type = Text

  • Last Name

  • Data Type = Text

  • Mobile Phone

  • Data Type = Phone

  • Personal Email

  • Data Type = Email

  • Date of Birth

  • Data Type = Date

  • Contact

  • Data Type = Lookup

  • Related object = Contact

Step 2: Create a Matching Rule and Duplicate Rule

Matching Rule Creation

Contact Matching Rule

  • Go to Setup → Matching Rules

  • Select New

  • Name = Contact Matching Rule

  • Contact Matching Rule Settings

  • Mobile Phone - Exact

  • Home Phone - Exact

  • Work Phone - Exact

  • Work Email - Exact

  • Personal Email - Exact

  • Set Filter Criteria:

  • 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5

  • Activate your Contact Matching Rule

Duplicate Rule Creation

Contact Duplicate Rule

  • Go to Setup → Duplicate Rules

  • Name = Contact Duplicate Rule

  • Object - Contact

  • Record-Level Security - Bypass sharing rules

  • Actions:

  • Actions on Create - Block

  • Action on Edit - Block

  • Matching Rules

  • Compare Contacts With - Contacts

  • Matching Rule - Contact Matching Rule

  • Activate your Contact Duplicate Rule

Step 3: Install Apex Action & Create Record-Triggered Flow

Install Apex Action

Duplicate Record Check

Create Record-Triggered Flow

Flow Instructions

  • Go to Setup → Flows

  • Select New Flow

  • Select Record-Triggered Flow

  • Object = Application

  • Trigger the Flow When - A record is created

  • We only want the Flow to run when an Application is created because that represents when the Application was submitted by a potential program participant.

  • Condition Requirements - None

  • Optimize the Flow for - Actions and Related Records

  • Actions and Related Records is another way of saying that this Flow will run after the Application has been saved to the database. Because we will need to access the installed Apex Action (from the step above), this Flow must run after the Application is saved.

Create Record Variable

This Contact record variable will be used in the Apex Action, Duplicate Record Search. More to come here in a bit.

Set Information for Duplicate Search

Now, we will set that Contact's phone and email information equal to what is listed on the Application.

Amazing, now we have the information we need to perform a duplicate search using the duplicate rule we created earlier.

Perform Duplicate Search Using Duplicate Record Check

Create a New Contact or Use an Existing Contact

Based on the outcome of the duplicate search, we will either create a new Contact or use the existing Contact that was found during the duplicate search.

That's a Wrap!

Phew - Mountain Toppers was really concerned about integrating their online application with Salesforce because of the potential duplicate problems it would cause. With this simple but highly effective solution for duplicate management with flows, they can be less concerned about data cleanliness and more concerned about creating a great experience for the Foster Youth joining their program.

That's it for now, but in the meantime...

Let's Climb The Salesforce Mountain Together

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