An Organizational Rebranding Alongside a New Database in Under 2 Months

May 18, 2022


Jessica Love and Salima Dadani of Daring Girls are proud to be a part of a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping local Tanzanian girls succeed in their education and careers. Daring Girls ensures Tanzanian youth have access to educational resources, tools, mentorship, and support to confidently design their own futures. The programs that Daring Girls provides are designed by adolescent girls, their peers, and wider communities in effort to serve as many young women in this community as possible.

Daring Girls, formerly known as AfricAid, was in the process of embracing a rebranding strategy by shifting strategic priorities, evolving goals, and expanding their outreach. A critical component to this rebranding strategy was the migration of their donor management system to Salesforce. To support this rebranding strategy, Love and Dadani of Daring Girls turned to Summit One to support them with a migration of Salesforce’s environments.

Identifying Goals

Being that the organization was interested in rebranding from “AfricAid” to “Daring Girls”, they needed assistance to spin up a new and better CRM to better serve them in their rebranding efforts. After several discovery & analysis workshops, Jessica, Salima, and the Summit One Team devised four project objectives, enabling Daring Girls to achieve their organizational rebranding and database migration efforts:

  1. Archiving and removing outdated and unnecessary information from their AfricAid database
  2. Seamlessly migrating all relevant development and communication data to their new Salesforce database, without any disruption or loss of information
  3. Migrating all configurations to their Salesforce environment
  4. Setting up and retaining proper levels of access for internal staff members
  5. Training internal staff on how to utilize the new Salesforce environment for their day-to-day operations, and how to make basic administrative changes

Young Tanzanian Women graduating from school in June of 2023 at an event put on by scholars from Daring Girls and GLAMI (Girls Livelihood & Mentorship Initiative).


Migrating a donor database from one Salesforce environment to another can be a complex and critical process, especially in the context of rebranding and fundraising efforts. Here are the key steps and considerations Summit One’s team needed to keep in mind for the organizations’ rebranding and data migration:

  1. Data assessment and cleanup
  2. Data mapping and translation
  3. Data transformation
  4. Data import and process validation
  5. Security and access control
  6. Data backup and archival
  7. Staff training and documentation
  8. Data hygiene best practices

After Summit One’s team of consultants were able to discuss, assist, and educate Daring Girls on how they could organize their data and seamlessly transfer it to their new Salesforce platform, “[Daring Girls] felt much more confident and comfortable” in completing necessary goals on time,” noted Love and Dadani.

Daring Girls representatives at the UNESCO Prize for Girls’ and Women’s Education Ceremony in 2022.
“Summit One was exceptional. They continually communicated the status of the project with us and requested additional information if anything was not clear. This process was very efficient and there were no delays from Summit One on the timeline. All items discussed were delivered.” -Love & Dadani

Summit One was interested in Daring Girls’ overall experience and outcome on this project implementation, so we asked Love and Dadani to provide feedback on 10 different metrics that were experienced during the project. Love and Dadani responded very positively in regards to all 10 metrics, noting that they were extremely satisfied with Summit One's overall level of partner engagement. When asked to consider the outcomes of their engagement, relative to the resources that were invested into the project, Love and Dadani shared that partnering with Summit One was incredibly valuable and worth every minute!

Summit One also questioned Love and Dadani regarding their feedback on the overall performance of our team, with respect to scoping the engagement to meet Daring Girls' objectives and provide quality Salesforce CRM training, to which they noted they were also very satisfied. Love and Dadani amicably mentioned that they were grateful for Summit One's consistent updates to keep them informed of the project status and progress being made.

Love and Dadani added that Summit One appropriately managed all risks involved, which led to their project producing valuable outcomes, while mitigating obstacles along the way. We were delighted to hear that Love and Dadani's team at Daring Girls were not only excited about their data clean up and movement to their new org, but also they were now confident in being able to maintain it going forward!

After completing the full data migration, Daring Girls’ staff members all agreed that partnering with Summit One assured all of their data remained secure in this new Salesforce environment. After training the Daring Girls team, each member felt much more confident to make changes within their respective domains and comfortably navigate the overall system to efficiently accomplish tasks. With Summit One’s engagement in this project, the staff members were able to seamlessly migrate all of their data to the new org, and were finally able to delete data from their prior database. This was a huge relief for the team.

“Summit One educated us on how we could use [our new] Salesforce’s [org] just as we intended, and we are pleased that we are learning new things daily,” Love and Dadani declared lightheartedly.

Daring Girls was set on familiarizing themselves with a more comprehensive system for managing their donor data, which was a crucial factor in achieving their’ rebranding goals. The right Salesforce solutions, combined with a well-planned migration, can be a game-changer for nonprofits navigating significant changes, such as Daring Girls and this rebranding.

After working with us at Summit One, Daring Girls referred us to their flagship and sister organization, GLAMI. We will be partnering with GLAMI on making enhancements to their own Salesforce environment and we’re also in the process of scoping out their new and improved program management system. In addition, Daring Girls has made plans to re-engage our consulting on CRM for nonprofits for their Grant Management Implementation for their next project!.

If you are interested in scaling your organization and getting the most out of your CRM, click here to book a free 60-minute consultation with Nick Milsner, Owner and Principal Consultant at Summit One.

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